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FAQ about Raw Crystals Wholesale

With so many crystal stones on hand, crystal collectors must want to find a perfect way to display their crystals as well as their special taste. There are several ways to display raw crystals, depending on your preferences and the type of crystal you have.  Here are a few options.

Place them on the table:  One of the simplest ways to display raw crystals is to place them on table or shelf.  This works well for larger crystals that can stand on their own.

In a bowl: For these small crystals or mix types of crystals, you can put them in a decorative bowl. So it's not only to decorate your room but also easy to access.

On a stand: For a more elevated display, you can use a stand to prop up your crystals. There are many types of stands available, including metal wire stands, wooden blocks, and acrylic holders.  This can be particularly effective for showing off individual stone pieces that have interesting shapes or features.

In a glass: If you want to create a miniature nature scene, you can place your crystals in a glass with other natural elements like moss, sand, or small plants. This can be a beautiful way to showcase your raw crystals collection and create a calming atmosphere.

Hanging: Some crystals, such as selenite wands or clear quartz points, can be hung from a string or wire to create a mobile or wall hanging. This can add a unique to your decor and allow the crystals to catch the light from different angles.


It can be difficult to tell if raw crystals are real, especially if you are a new crystal collector. Here I listed some useful tips.

Do a full research: Before buying various raw crystals, do a full research about the raw crystals you are interested in. So you will know the physical properties, the appearance and even the toughness of the crystal.

Carefully observe: When you have a crystal, first of all, place it on the table and carefully observe it. The raw crystals usually have uneven surface, irregular shapes. Then check the transparency of raw crystal. If the crystal stone opaque or has a cloudy appearance, it may not real.

Test the hardness: Different crystals have different hardness. When you receive a raw crystal stones, check the hardness of the stone with glasses or simple test kit . If the hardness of the stone does not match a specific hardness, it may be fake.

Yes, you can put oil on raw crystals to enhance their natural shine and beauty. But be carefully with the oil type and how to use it to avoid damaging your crystals.

The mineral oil or baby oil may leave residue on your crystal surface so they are not suitable for all types of raw stones. But you can choose some natural oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, or olive oil.

When applying oil to raw crystals, please use a soft cloth or brush to gently massage the oil into the surface. Don't use too much oil or getting it on any metal or delicate parts of your crystals. Besides, be aware that some types of oils may have a strong scent or color that could affect the appearance or properties of your crystals.

Cleaning raw crystals at home is a great way to keep them looking their best and remove any absorbed negative energy. Some tips for cleaning your crystals as follow.

Saltwater bath: Fill a bowl with water and add a tablespoon of sea salt per cup of water. Place your crystals in the bowl and let them soak for several hours or overnight.

Sunlight/moonlight: Place your crystals outside in direct sunlight or moonlight for several hours. This method can help recharge your crystals while also getting rid of any negative energy.

Brown rice: Fill a bowl with dry brown rice and bury your raw crystals in the rice. Let them sit for several hours or overnight, then dispose of the rice.

Running water: Hold your crystals under running water for several minutes, making sure to cover all sides. This method can help wash away any negative energy or dirt that may be on your crystals.