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FAQ about Buying Crystal Towers in Bulk

As a hot healing crystal collection, crystal towers have a wide range of materials and sizes. Tesmass has selected some of the trendy tower points. You can bulk buy or purchase only one piece from the following products. The price starts from only $2.9.

Flower agate tower: Flower agate, also known as cherry blossom agate, is a grounding and healing stone. The flower agate is light pink and has beautiful flower minerals inside. Flower agate is quite popular among crystal collectors thanks to its attractive appearance and special healing properties. The flower agate tower has gathered all the healing power to the point that it performs well in physical and emotional healing.

Amethyst tower: A purple crystal tower with an outstanding protective function, the first choice of many metaphysicians. It is said that the amethyst tower work on wealth and gives you a clear mind.

Moss agate tower: Another name for moss agate is tree agate. It has bluish and grey inclusion present in the tree pattern.

Each moss agate tower is unique. If you are looking for emotional balance and to dispel your stress, here you find the right pick.

Rose quartz tower: Rose quartz is a sweet crystal that can work on your heart chakra. Rose quartz is related to everything about love. It is a stone of unconditional love that can attract love and remind you to love yourself.

Clear quartz tower: Clear quartz is the master healer of crystal. As one of the most popular stones is the quartz family, clear quartz is versatile and widely used by crystal healers.

Crystal and stones are carefully polished and made into crystal towers. The crystal towers have focused the energy into one specific point, so they have been used for many purposes. 

 For mediation: When one needs to calm down and concentrate energy, the tower points are their first choice. The crystal tower can boost blocked energy flow and help you reset. Mediation by holding a crystal tower, you can feel the energy flow through your body.

Fengshui: Place your crystal towers in your room or office to create a Fengshui room. It decorates your room and clears negative energy away from your environment.

Create crystal grids: Crystal tower is the most powerful item for crystal grids. These strong tools gather, direct, and radiate the energy into one point. I recommend some available crystals like amethyst tower and clear quartz tower for better performance.

Crystal towers can be both natural or man-made, depending on how they are created. The natural crystal towers are the result of geological processes like volcanic activity and the cooling of magma. In contrast, the manufactured crystal towers are polished and cut into this shape. No matter whether you use natural or artificial crystal towers, no one can deny the unique properties and benefits of crystal towers.